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Most Recent Documents
FY12 Activities and Goals
FY12 Retreat Minutes - 2011
FY11 Section Budget

Meeting Minutes:
FY10 Meeting Minutes
FY09 Meeting Minutes
FY08 Meeting Minutes
FY07 Meeting Minutes
FY06 Meeting Minutes
FY05 Meeting Minutes
FY04 Meeting Minutes

Tactical Plans:
FY10 Tactical Plan
FY09 Tactical Plan
FY07 Tactical Plan
FY06 Tactical Plan
FY05 Tactical Plan

Section Reports

FY10 Reports:

FY09 Reports:
May 2009 Seation Report
January 2009 Section Report
September 2008 Section Report

FY08 Reports:
May 2008 Section Report
September 2007 Section Report

FY07 Reports:
July 2007 Section Report
May 2007 Section Report
December 2006 Section Report
August 2006 Section Report

FY06 Reports:
July 2006 Section Report
April 2006 Section Report
January 2006 Section Report

Retreat Minutes:
FY10 Retreat Minutes - 2009
FY09 Retreat Minutes - 2008
FY08 Retreat Minutes - 2007
FY07 Retreat Minutes - 2006
FY06 Retreat Minutes - 2005
FY05 Retreat Minutes - 2004

FY10 SWE-EWS Budget
FY08 SWE-EWS Budget

Activity Reports
Activity Report Template

Activities and Goals
FY11 Tasks, Goals, and Activities
FY10 Activities and Goals
FY09 Activities and Goals
FY08 Activities and Goals
FY07 Activities and Goals

Bylaws and Procedures
J001 Bylaws - June 5, 2010
J001 Policies and Procedures

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