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FY08-09 Activities & Goals

FY08 List of Activities

FY08 SWE-EWS Budget

Tactical Plans:
FY09 Tactical Plan
FY07 Tactical Plan
FY06 Tactical Plan
FY05-06 EWS Draft Tactical Plan

Meeting Minutes:
FY09 Meeting Minutes
FY08 Meeting Minutes
FY07 Meeting Minutes
FY06 Meeting Minutes

Retreat Minutes:
FY09 Retreat Minutes - 2008
FY08 Retreat Minutes - 2007
FY07 Retreat Minutes - 2006
FY06 Retreat Minutes - 2005

FY08 Reports:
September 2007 Section Report

FY07 Reports:
July 2007 Section Report
May 2007 Section Report
December 2006 Section Report
August 2006 Section Report

FY06 Reports:
July 2006 Section Report
April 2006 Section Report
January 2006 Section Report

Region J Reports:
Region J Oct-2-2007 Teleconference


SWE-EWS Policies & Procedures Draft - 2008

J001 Bylaws Final Draft - 2008

Engineers WEEK 2006 Planning

Thank-You Letter (April 2005)

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