Each year the Eastern Washington Section of the Society of Women Engineers administers a $1000 scholarship (minimum) which is funded from a trust fund established by the section. The scholarship will be awarded to a nontraditional engineering female student to help alleviate the financial burden of returning to school.


Application Forms
Official scholarship forms from the Eastern Washington Section of the Society of Women Engineers are mailed annually to the student section and/or the Dean of Engineering to schools in the Northwestern United States. Additional application forms may be requested directly from SWE at:

Use of copies or reproductions is permitted.

All application materials will become the property of the Eastern Washington Section of the Society of Women Engineers. No application materials will be returned. In order to be accepted for judging, all of the following materials must be submitted:

Evaluation and Award
Nontraditional women working towards an undergraduate or graduate degree are eligible. All other factors being equal, preference in award will be made to an Eastern Washington resident. Financial need and academic successes will be considered but will not be a final, determining criteria. The applicant's motivation, leadership potential, and ability to follow projects through to completion will heavily influence award selection. Special consideration will be given to those with unique circumstances. Directed students with a positive attitude are encouraged to apply.

Graduate School SWE Scholarships are available through National SWE or visit National SWE Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Last updated 08/03/2006