SWE-EWS Vision Story

All types of people come to SWE events; members, non-members, retirees, students, young professionals, and men.  Attendees were attracted to the event because they heard about it from media, a friend or colleague, their employer, another technical society, or their teacher.  SWE has wide recognition in the community and all events are well publicized by SWE, as well as non-SWE organizations or individuals.  People were incentivized to come to the event because it sounding interesting and unique, it’s something that other organizations don’t offer and they wouldn’t have had an opportunity to do otherwise. 

The topic of the event is relevant to their work or life.  The event has social, professional, technical, and/or outreach components that give experience or teach about new concepts or ideas.  The event has both a learning and listening portion and a discussion-based interactive portion for general attendees.  Attendees are able to learn about SWE (local, regional, and national) and network with other professionals to learn about other opportunities in the area or possible new career paths.  The attendees are excited, engaged, and looking forward to the next SWE event.  Members, especially new members, have the opportunity to get more involved and gain experience organizing, presenting, and mentoring.